Fermentation Technology


BioAcids Tech is a Startup that has developed an innovative fermentation model with microorganisms or enzymes encapsulated in spheres to obtain various products. Since the microorganisms or enzymes are protected by our innovative spheres, the culture medium does not require the aseptic procedure normally used in other fermentation media.

The economic gains in the operation are highly positive in our technology. In addition, the separation of products from microorganisms or enzymes eliminates steps with high energy demand, such as centrifugation.

The product purification steps used in most of the processes developed by BioAcids Tech use simpler separation techniques, with greater purification efficiency and product concentration, involving lower operating costs.

The products produced by BioAcids Tech include lactic acid, ethanol, citric acid, itaconic acid. More details about the products obtained with the technology developed by BioAcids Tech can be found on the Products tab.

  • Our products and processes use renewables. Our main raw material being sugar or corn syrup, sugar or other sugarcane derivatives thus putting our cutting-edge science and technology development in forefront of the advancement of circular economy with use of biotechnology in a sustainable fashion.
  • Currently, our facilities are located in the science and technology park of the University of Campinas - LIB building - recently opened by Unicamp's Innovation Office, Inova, with a structure dedicated to research and development.

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